Dark Trinity: Infinity Wars trailer

Man it took long enough. If you haven’t seen the Infinity War trailer . . . well I’m not sure why you’re reading this, but here’s the full trailer:

Cap’s looking like Nomad. Vision’s in trouble. Loki doesn’t look like he’s up to any good. Black Panther’s taking charge. And WE’VE GOT GUARDIANS!

I guess the movie’s supposed to be two and a half hours long, but I honestly don’t know how they’re going to fit all this into that time frame. But they weren’t kidding when they said they were going to have everyone in this thing.

As excited as I am, I have two concerns coming out of this.

This first one might be me overanalyzing things, but are we not going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy until late in the movie? That’s kind of the impression I got from the trailer. Maybe it was just supposed to add a special touch to tease for the next trailer — assuming there is one — where Marvel will show more of the Guardians’ role in it. Which is great on there end because now that’s all I’m thinking about.

Other thing, and this has come up quite a bit with this movie in particular, I don’t see any of the characters from Netflix. And I’m not saying they should necessarily be involved in the fight. I really don’t think Daredevil would be of immense help, nor Danny Rand and his inability to master his power — and how to function like a normal human.

But they are part of this universe. They talk about the New York incident and Sokovia. They need to be acknowledge in some form or fashion. They could be escaping the city, maybe even leading everyone to safety. The MCU NEEDS TO RECOGNIZE THEM SOMEHOW.

Also, just looking over the Netflix characters, I legitimately think Luke Cage is capable of helping in this fight, and the Punisher could be of help, too. Maybe Jessica Jones, but they made her come across kinda soft in the Defenders.

Lotta action coming with this though. Very, very excited. Oh, and I still hate Thanos without the helmet. Very odd look.

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