Dark Trinity: Ep. 6 & Power Rankings

I forgot how much of a mess the holiday season can be. But that’s no excuse. Things need to be cleaned up and they will be. The Justice League review will be tomorrow’s post, with today being reserved by the Walking Dead. The Punisher Netflix review is on its way, as well, with the two week window coming its end.

Anyways, onto the show.

Last night’s episode was the ultimate “let’s all just stop a take a deep breath” episode. A few important things did happen, but no one died . . . well, other than those two saviors.

But just as a reminder, you’re not going to get a full frigin recap here. Everyone else already does that. I only care about two things right now.

  1. Is Carol in love with Ezekiel?
  2. What the $%&* is wrong with Carl?

For the longest time, it’s seemed like there was something between Daryl and Carol. There’ve been rumors that Daryl’s gay, but Robert Kirkman put that to bed. Honestly, the writers could still do that because he seems more asexual than anything else.

Either way, it felt like there was something between Carol and him. No one ever made the move, but its been painfully obvious since Sophia went missing (and died) that she’s his No. 1 friend and vice versa. But they’ve never taken the next step. Meanwhile, Rick’s on his third lover.

But after what happened last night with Carol and Ezekiel, I wonder if there’s something between them. And much like Rick and Michonne, I did NOT see this coming. All this time I thought Ezekiel valued Carol for her experience and saw the potential for a great ally. And maybe that’s all it was when it started.

But last night he admitted that he continued to visit her because makes him “feel real.”

That’s a heavy statement. And she said he makes her feel the same way. And she cried, too. I honestly can’t remember the last time she did that.

Ezekiel’s in a terrible state right now, but I find it hard to imagine he won’t snap out of it. And when he does, I’m willing to bet he takes that next step Daryl never did. Only question I have left is, how would Mr. Dixon respond? Because there’s no doubt Carol wanted to take the next step with Daryl, but he never did it. And if he does eel that way about her, but was too timid at the time, this could create a whole new level of drama the likes this show’s never seen.

Now on to the other point before the Bad Ass Power Rankings.

Carl. Frigin CAAAAARRRLLLLL (Lori Grimes’s voice). That guy. It seems like every time he takes a step forward he then goes 15 back.

I don’t mind him bringing Saddiq to Alexandria. He seems like a nice guy. Definitely nicer than most people, but definitely not fake. And while he’s obviously not much of a killer — when it comes to people I mean — I think he knows there could be times where you have to do it — outside of saving them from walkers. No matter what, I don’t see him creating any problems.

But the “kind gesture” to honor Saddiq’s mother, nearly got Carl killed. Here’s the thing though, I’m not mad or surprised by the move. What annoys me is he couldn’t handle himself! How many walkers does he need to fight off before he gets good at it?! If I’d never seen the show before and started watching in that moment, I might’ve thought he was new to the show or never actually killed a walker before.

And I know he’s not a full-grown adult, but he’s got plenty enough experience that he shouldn’t have run into that much of a problem.

Alright, Power Rankings:

5. Jadis – Man, this chick is CRAZY. The hyper-efficient talking is really, really weird. And then she doesn’t even think twice about siding up with Rick. It’d be great if they joined forces, but this is one of the few times where things didn’t go as hoped and I’m actually happy about it.

4. Daryl – If he didn’t go against Rick’s orders, the Saviors would be recovering and in the driver’s seat. He knows what needs to get done at all times, thankfully he’s aware that Rick isn’t.

3. Carol – Again, someone else who knows what HAS to be done. And her attempt to reinvigorate Ezekiel is something we really haven’t seen from her yet. More and more she’s becoming a fit leader. She may be the most changed character from the time of her introduction to now.

2. Rosita – She killed a dude with an RPG. From like 20 feet away. Honestly, in most weeks she’d be deserving of the top-billing for something like this.

1. Maggie – Right now, Maggie’s in the toughest spot out of anyone on the show. I know Rick’s trapped, Dwight’s as good as dead and the Saviors are surrounded by Walkers, but they’re all focusing on one thing — survive. Maggie has to concern herself with the well-being of everyone from the Hilltop. She’s put them at great risk by bringing in the Savior prisoners, even if some are trying to play nice. At the same time, Maggie knows they have to die if there’s no need to exchange them for prisoners. Unlike Rick, she’s much more level-headed and listens well to those around her. I’m sure most of you have come around to this already, but she’s the best leader out of everyone on the show. Glenn dying has only made her a more focused leader, and if things go well against the saviors, we already know Rick intends to take a step back to give her the reigns completely.

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