Dark Trinity: The Walking Dead Ep. 5 & Power Rankings

I only have four people in the Bad Ass Power Rankings this week in stead of five because I honestly don’t think there was a deserving fifth person in the course of it all.

Rick certainly didn’t crack the list. It’s amazing the after-affect that baby had on him. He went from total bad ass mode to ultra-soft conservative. That whole bit with the dynamite was infuriating. Even when Daryl explained how the “workers” wouldn’t get hurt, Rick still wasn’t listening. He as afraid the “workers” might join the Saviors. Well clearly he had that one wrong. We saw at the end they were more than willing to revolt with Neegan only gone for five minutes. (Although the “workers” flipped back over once the Neegan came back.)

He’s not the only idiot this week either. But we’ll get into that person later.

First, gotta talk about Eugene. What a scumbag. I get it’s a lot easier to judge him when I’m not the one staring death in the face. But I’d like to think I wouldn’t back-stab my “friends” over and over again, just so I could live my meaningless life for a bit longer. Because whether or not you pity Eugene or hate him — it’s impossible to have any other emotion when it comes to this guy — you cannot debate he’s bringing next to nothing to the table.

He’s all about himself. He’s afraid of his damn shadow. And he’ll throw you in front of a pile of walkers just to make sure he doesn’t die — assuming he doesn’t completely freeze at first. Pretty safe to say I’d like to see him die. Not saying he’s beyond redemption, but he’d have to do something pretty amazing to make up for the damage he’s caused. Amazing and probably die in the process, too.

Alright, power rankings time:

4. Dwight – He is either royally screwed, or in the perfect spot to take out a heavy hitter. I think Neegan naturally doesn’t trust him still. Him and Eugene, which could be great or terrible for obvious reasons. In case you missed it, Eugene knows. Tough thing being, the Saviors’ favorite to be the snitch is Eugene. So he’s watching out for his own ass. But, this could be his shot to do some good and do it correctly. If Neegan finds the tiniest shred of DECENT evidence to murder someone over this mess, he won’t think twice. All Eugene and Dwight need to do is plant that red paint in someone else’s room.

Either way, Dwight done a decent job to throw everyone off his scent. He’s not panicking at a time where most people — like Eugene — would crap themselves. Myself included.

3. Daryl – He continues to be the most bad ass character on the show. He knew what needed to be done with the dynamite. I get the argument, “You’re just stooping to their level.” But honestly, this is life and death. Neegan kills people to control them. Right now, Rick and Daryl are doing this to set people free from Neegan’s control. Sacrifices have to be made.

This exposes the major difference between Rick and Daryl, too. Daryl kills people out of necessity. He’s not attached to the lives he takes. Rick kills people out of necessity, as well, but there are often times he has emotion behind the killing. So when he goes off the deep end, he’ll kill anyone because he’s pissed. But when he’s in a “good place” he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it was absolutely necessary.

And that’s also what’s going on with Neegan. Daryl wants him and the Saviors dead because it’d make everything better. Rick wants him dead because of what he did, more than anything else. Unfortunately, Rick’s handling the situation a bit too delicately, and that MAY piss a few people off.

2. Gabriel – Man, has this guy grown. He was so soft when we first met him, now he’s facing Neegan, guilting him into confession and taking on a mass of walkers while drenched in zombie guts. He’s obviously in a bad spot, but I am very happy with how he’s redeemed himself.

Maybe someone else should take notes . . .

1. Neegan – “Well, here’s a little refresher on who the hell I am: I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucile and my nutsack is made of steel. I am not dying until I am DAMN good and ready.”

I know he’s the main enemy. I know no matter what angle you’re watching from he’s the bad guy. And i do hate him for killing Abraham and Glenn, but damn this guy is a bad ass. Number 1 this week, maybe Number 2 over the course of the show overall. Much different from the Governor in that regard. More likeable than that nut, too.

Neegan’s in frigin control 24/7 and no one that’s “on his side” — by force or choice — is challenging that.

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