Dark Trinity: Moon Knight

Before getting into anything else, I’m a few episodes into the Punisher on Netflix. If you haven’t started yet, it’s worth your time from what I’ve seen. Of course I’m not getting into all of that now.

Also, looks like Justice League is only doing OK in the box office. $96 million as of Sunday morning. Still a whole day to go, so it should pass Wonder Woman, but I doubt it’ll beat Batman v Superman or the Suicide Squad. Which is fine. Those movies had great numbers at first, but fell off big time. I still think Justice League beats them both, but won’t pass Wonder Woman by the end of it all.

Anyways, onto some actual book content.

I’ve been saying from the start of this blog I prefer DC comics over Marvel. Nothing’s changed and I don’t expect that to any time soon. But I’m still reading some ongoing Marvel titles, like the Astonishing X-Men. Another one I’m close to finishing was the 14-book Moon Knight series that started in 2016.

Now I know a lot of you don’t know who Moon Knight is outside the books — and I still think there’s a bit more for me to learn about the character — so I’l tell you the main thing you need to understand when it comes to Marc Spector: he’s insane.

Not in a way like, “Oh dude, that guys insane, so cool.” No I mean the dude is bat-$%&* crazy. You know how all superheroes have a secret identity? Well this guy has three, in addition to his Moon Knight persona — which he now refers to himself as Mr. Knight instead. Not only does he have three, when he takes on a given persona he legitimately thinks he’s that person, working with three other people. I’m talking multiple personalities.

But it’s also strange because he’s aware of his problem, so he almost views himself as a vessel for all these individuals. He’s a weird guy. Which sometimes makes it even harder to read his books since there’s like 20 things going on at once. Which i do appreciate, makes it feel like we’re experiencing everything going through Spector’s head. And give the writer’s credit, that cannot be easy to take on AND be successful with.

This 2016-2017 stretch of Moon Knight though was written fairly simply, but the story is still so frigin confusing. I’ve read 11 of the 14 books and I still have absolutely ZERO idea how it’s all going to end. And if someone told me, I wouldn’t necessarily believe them either. Whole damn series is a MESS.

An enjoyable mess though.

That being said. I don’t know that I’d recommend you read this title if you’re brand new to Moon Knight. You’ll still enjoy it no matter what, but I doubt you’ll get the full breadth of who the character is, since this is one of the lowest points of his life. Don’t know that I’d say it’s his lowest though, at the hope of not spoiling other books.

Spector’s also a character who will translate immensely well to a Netflix series. And it might take two series to really establish what this lunatic’s dealing with. Definitely don’t cram him into a movie. It’d take more than two hours to fully illustrate Moon Knight on camera so fans can truly appreciate his madness.

That being said, it won’t take long for people to fall in love with the character. Especially if you get the right man to play him, I.E. Jake Gyllenhaal. I think Moon Knight’s more in his wheelhouse than Batman, though I can understand why he’d take the Dark Knight on instead. Honestly, he’ll do well in either, but I’m telling you he knows how to portray all kinds of crazy on camera.

Last thing, I’d rather se him get SOMETHING than ever sit through a frigin Multiple Man movie, which I honestly have ZERO DESIRE to sit through.

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