Dark Trinity: Deadpool, Justice League, the Punisher & Battlefront II

**I have a prediction in this post, just need to tease that right now. What’s it pertaining to? Scroll down, you’ll see.**

Needless to say, there’s A LOT going on this week. Figured the best way to get to it all is do one bigger post instead of parsing through them all. Especially when news keeps dropping EVERY DAMN DAY.

Which is great, keep it coming. Aside from Affleck’s bitching. So done with that.

Couple housekeeping notes…

–I will wait two weeks to review the Netflix Punisher series. Seems to be the time frame people tend to go by. Very excited for it.

–I’m expecting to see Justice League the day before Thanksgiving. Review will come after shortly after that. Probably Friday morning, to take the holiday off.

Alright, back to the current post.

1. Deadpool Teaser

Just further proof why Ryan Reynolds is the only person that can play Deadpool. Part of me wonders if he’s just read every book — I know he’s been a fan for a long time — but I also know it’s just his personality in general — at least what we see on-screen.

But he has a full understanding of the character you see in the books. That’s actually one of my favorite qualities about Deadpool books. I legitimately feel like I’m reading a book where it’s still Ryan Reynolds acting as Deadpool.

Now, that’s in part because I knew very little about the character before I’d seen the movie. But I’ll say this, I knew FAR more about Captain America when the movies came out, but when I’ve read the character since Chris Evans portray Steve Rogers in the movies — which hasn’t been too often — it’s a similar feeling. Not EXACTLY the same, but definitely the closest to Reynolds. No one else even remotely compares. Not Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark. Not even Patrick Stewart and Professor X, though that’d probably the closest one to a third place.

That’s not knocking them, because I still think RDJ is VERY much Iron Man. I just think Reynolds as Deadpool is the greatest casting ever. (Probably doesn’t help that I was team Cap in Civil War.)

Anyways, the movie looks frigin awesome. We only saw the action, but we all know the comedy will be there, too. Looking forward to Josh Brolin as Cable. Bad ass character that I think will translate even better to the big screen.

2. Justice League release

**Prediction time.**

Alright, I anticipate Justice League’s opening weekend will be worse than Wonder Woman‘s ($103.1). Definitely not the $110 million some are expecting. It will have a worse opening weekend than Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, who both beat out Wonder Woman. (Keep in mind, I’m only talking domestically here.)

HOWEVE, I think it will finish much closer to Wonder Woman‘s overall domestic haul. Don’t know that it’ll surpass it, but it’ll DEFINITELY do better than Batman v Superman and the TERRIBLE Suicide Squad.

Here’s the kicker: Why will it not do as well in the opening weekend? Especially since Wonder Woman just gave DC new life?

Two words: The Punisher.

Seriously, I think the JL will lose out on viewers this week with Netflix releasing the show. Binge-watching is the more popular date-night option and I think most single fans would rather stay in an watch this than go to the theater, alone.

Plus, like it or not, there are more Marvel-first fans than DC.

Only character that’d beat anything Marvel — like legitimate Marvel stuff, not the newer BS they’re writing about — is Batman. Solo Batman is always king. Especially if they brought Christian Bale back.

But you watch. JL will kick ass, just not in the opening weekend. And when that comes true, you’ll know why.

3. Unleash The Punisher

Even with the teaser trailer and the movie coming out, this is probably the biggest news of the week. Thus warranting my bold prediction above.

Jon Bernthal as The Punisher is up there with Reynolds, RDJ, Evans and Jackman’s portrayals of their characters. Absolutely spot on portrayal of one of the most bad-ass characters in comics. One that’s been botched over the year.

But now we already know Bernthal’s legit, so it’s easier to buy in. I don’t expect he’ll disappoint. In fact, I won’t be shocked if people walk away thinking this is the best Marvel Netflix Original. Only season that might still be held in a higher regard is Daredevil Season 2. Maybe 1, but I doubt that.

And everyone keeps saying to expect another hero to be introduced. I hope it’s Moon Knight it makes a lot of sense. And he’s just like these other characters, best for Netflix. He’s actually probably a better fit for a TV/Netflix series than anyone else. Given his multiple personalities and all.

Either way, people are going to binge-watch the *&$% of this over the weekend.

4. Battlefront II

I really don’t expect to write much about video games on here. I enjoy them, but would rather spend my free time reading the books and watching the shows.

But I do own the last Battlefront installment, and if this is ANYTHING like that one, the game’s going to be insane. Plus they’ll have characters from Darth Maul to Rey as heroes. Might have to buy it just to use Maul. But the game looks great and is the third and final thing to com out on this absolutely ridiculous Friday.


I know there was news about Morbius getting a movie in the Spider-Man, Sony universe. Just not all that excited about it honestly. I like Spider-man, but I’ve never been a diehard fan or anything. Though I do remember that freaky-ass vampire from the cartoon as a kid. His hands gave me nightmares.


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