Dark Trinity: Ep. 4 & Power Rankings

We’ve seen some transformative episodes. Rick’s had more than I can remember. Carol, Carl, Daryl, everyone’s had transformations, some over the course of an episode.

But I don’t know that we’ve seen one more drastic than what we saw with King Ezekiel this week.

Funny how losing you’re entire army will do that.

Quick aside, am I the only one who didn’t think they had THAT big of an army coming into this episode? i know we saw walkers from elsewhere, but CHRIST! There was double the amount of Kingdom soldiers I was expecting.

Anyways, back to the transformation. You all saw what happened and how he’s a totally different person now, so I won’t bother you with that recap/analysis. I’m interested in what happens next. Who will King Ezekiel be going forward? Will he just be Zeke? Will he even lead? Or will he fall into despair, hide away and become a drunk?

First, this experience should make him a better leader. No doubt he’ll be far less cavalier going forward. Doesn’t mean he should stop with those hyper-motivational pre-anything speeches. I want to run through a damn wall every time he gives one. Instead, he’ll now have a greater understanding for what to expect when he’s expressing his passion. Also, realizing you’re a human just like everyone else is an amazing quality the truly amazing leaders possess.

Second, Carol won’t let him go soft. C’mon. he respects her more than pretty much anyone and she ain’t got time for his self-pity.

Lastly, Jerry’s going to say something about Shiva and it’ll snap him out of it.

So I say Zeke continues to lead the kingdom. It may take time to rebound, but it’ll happen. No doubt in my mind.

Last three list out this time. Ezekiel’s the only other character any of us really knew that got screen time, and you already have an understanding of where he’s at now.

5. Rick – His one scene was impressive to say the least. Jumping into a moving car, surviving a car being flipped after hitting a traffic barrier and of course the clutch timing doesn’t hurt either.

4. Daryl – Now the king of bad asses in TWD did drop in the standings this week. But considering he had limited screen time, it’s still impressive on his part. Furthermore, the people who passed him did A LOT this week. But the fact that Carol hear the hum of a motorcycle meant “they’re not getting away because Daryl frigin Dixon is here,” it’s the best example of why he’s on this list every week.

3. Jerry – The big fella came through in the clutch. I think we all knew he’d be one of the few who survived the massacre. His loyalty to Ezekiel is something that goes a long way with me, too. If he’d died, he might’ve moved up to the top spot this week. There’s nothing more bad ass than going into a fight where death is certain in order to protect someone or something out of true loyalty and love.

2. Carol – At first, I really considered moving her up to the top spot, but based on something I said this week in the #3 ranking, and who’s now at #1, I couldn’t justify the ranking. However, the flashback with Carol and Ezekiel was one of her most important moments in the history of the show. It may not seem it, but if she can remember that conversation, she should never go too far one way or the other — in terms of a murderous nutcase or a pacifist. She was an abused woman who had absolutely NO idea how to fend for herself when we first met her. But she CHOSE to be more and has never come close to being that person again. But now she has further understanding of why Ezekiel is the way he is and, more importantly, this should give her more perspective on further relationships she develops with other.

1. Shiva – Possibly the most intimidating character in the history of the show, the big cat laid her life on the line for her master. We all knew she’d come in to save the day, but I don’t think most thought Shiva would die. AND I KNOW some of you were talking to the TV, telling her to jump and come in for another attack again, instead of just clawing in a less than menacing way. Either way, the best animal in the history of The Walking Dead saw it’s final day, returning the favor to Ezekiel.

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