Dark Trinity: Deadpool might stay put?

So in yesterday’s list of who Disney should keep in the X-Men family with the expected purchase of 21st Century Fox — or at least most of it — Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was my number one. In fact, he’s the only one I’d legitimately be pissed about not staying on board. Michael Fassbender’s great, but I could see someone taking over Magneto and still succeeding.

Can’t make that case with Deadpool. He and Reynolds are one.

And from the looks of it, Disney may not included the Merc with a Mouth in their purchase. Don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings with this.

On one hand you have possibly the most wide-reaching character of the Fox crop. Wolverine has been more popular through time, but in a time where superheroes are bringing in a greater audience, Deadpool reaches out to even more fans. Particularly degenerates like myself.

On the other hand, its frigin Deadpool we’re talking about here. You can’t exactly put him in the same room as Mickey Mouse and expect he’s going to play by the rules. Because if he’s not swearing up a storm, blowing heads off or spilling guts, he’s not really that entertaining. The character only has so much depth. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but it’s not like Wolverine who you can tone down his violence a bit and still be successful.

Deadpool is a rated-R character. Can’t change that.

than being said, we’ve got the new Punisher series coming up and I think we’ll get a pretty good idea as to how far Disney is willing to go with violence. The punisher doesn’t need the obscene blood and guts Deadpool does, but he is definitely the rawest, most violent character in the MCU — Movies, TV or Netlfix. If they aren’t willing to add a little extra violence with him, they probably won’t change for Deadpool, who’d need the vulgar language, IN ADDITION to the violence.

That being said, I don’t know how Fox can hold onto Deadpool and still make movies with him alone. Sure you can make up new characters, I guess, but people want Cable, Domino and other villains he actually deals with. He’s a great character, but this throws off who else can be in his movies.

It’s definitely more of a concern regarding the villains than anything else, and I’m sure there are some Fox will find a way for a movie or two — they could even make a Deadpool clone and make him a villain. But I’m more concerned about the long haul than anything else.

(One note going forward, I know I haven’t been writing about the actual books in the early goings. I think I’ll be doing that more so on the weekends going forward, unless we of course there’s a slower week in the nerd news.)

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