Dark Trinity: TWD Ep.3 & Power Rankings

We’re two assholes doing whatever we have to just to keep going. – Morales to Rick (before Daryl iced him).

We’re the same. – Morgan to Jesus on his group and the Saviors after trying to gun down the group that ran off.

Seems there was a bit of a theme with tonight’s episode.

But this isn’t exactly a new concept for fans of the show. We’ve all had that discussion some point since they were on the farm. Things were amplified even more once they arrived at the prison.

But we’ve seen Morgan go from great guy, to NUT-JOB and back. Seems like he’s trending towards nut-job again.

Rick’s been kind of the same, the difference being he’s not as extreme. He’ll still kill people in a blink, no doubt, but Morgan goes from a monk to a serial killer in a blink.

However, how would we feel about some of these groups if we’d followed them from the beginning instead of Rick? Now, the Governor did kill some people he probably shouldn’t have – and keep his walker daughter in his office, among other things. And Neegan does threaten people with Lucile – again, among other things.

But Rick hasn’t exactly been an angel in this all. He’s been the bringer of change, or refused to change at times where maybe he should. He’s been over-aggressive and under-aggressive.

Safe to say, timing isn’t always his thing.

There’s another quote from this episode worth noting:

A man’s word . . . that’s gotta mean something, right? – Rick to the stray savior (who Daryl also iced).

Here’s the thing, Rick has put an immense amount of faith in Daryl. The man’s an extension of Rick, his right hand. But there’s a pretty distinct difference between Daryl and Rick when they kill someone.

Daryl’s always been fairly emotionally turned off. He’s still has Rick, Judith and Carl, but he’s lost everyone else close to him from the beginning. Well, excluding Carol, but she’s distancing herself from everyone so unless things change with them after the fight, she doesn’t really count. And Maggie’s still around, but she’s not from the VERY beginning like the other 4 – but he’d be crushed if he lost her, too.

The point is, Daryl’s lost a lot. And he wasn’t the most emotional person to begin with. So when he kills someone there’s not passion or regret behind it – generally. So killing Morales or that other savior straggler was work for him He’s like a assassin or a soldier (depending on how you look at it). It’s just part of the job for Daryl, nothing more, nothing less.

Whereas Rick has so much else running through his head. He’s got a lot more to worry about than Daryl, so that makes sense. But Rick – and he knows this – sets the tone for the group. Everyone knows Daryl has one setting unless Rick says otherwise. Rick’s expected to show mercy when it’s called for, and kill if it’s necessary.

We saw him come into this fight ready to kill everyone and their mother if needed. I know he gave everyone but Neegan an out, but you KNOW Rick was well aware that nearly 100% of the people wouldn’t give up. But now, as noted last week, it seems his reset button got pushed once he saw the baby.

Back to the point about group Atlanta/Alexandria. It’s a legitimate question: would you still side with this group if you didn’t follow them from the get go and instead followed one of these other groups we’ve seen? Some people have told me they stopped watching the show because they think the group is just as bad as any other. I ten to agree with their opinion, but don’t understand why anyone would quit on the show.

Don’t tell me it’s SLOW either. God forbid there be a few episodes without non-stop insanity.

Season looks great to start so far, but I honestly don’t know who will make it the whole way other than Rick and Neegan – yeah he’s not dying this season.









  1. Morales – I know he got killed but he told Rick what he needed to hear. And I’ll give him this, he stayed loyal to the group he’d been with for a while. (Plus we all though he was dead. Really cool to see him back, even if it was for a short period of time.)
  2. Jesus – He’s still pissing me off, but he fought off a blood-thirsty Morgan. By no means a small feat.
  3. Eric – Dude made the ultimate sacrifice. Deserves a spot here in an all-around weak week in the power Rankings.
  4. Maggie – Displaying her dominance over Gregory, Jesus and everyone all at the Hilltop. She’s obviously not bloodthirsty or anything, but it’s apparent everyone has the ultimate trust in her. We’ve already gotten a taste that she’ll be the all-around leader soon, not that I didn’t like the idea before, but I’m really getting on board with it now.
  5. Daryl – Stone cold killer. And it’s meaningless to him. He’s just doing his job. Having Daryl atop the rankings is a bit obvious, but after King Ezekiel got bounced with the rough ending and Morgan with his quick turn to madness, Daryl had to move up to the top, and become the first character to stay in the top 5 of this power rankings list.

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