Dark Trinity: Ragnarok Review

BEFORE I get into spoilers, allow me to say this: WOOOOW. Wow, wow, wow, WOW.


Legitimately might be the best Marvel movie yet. Since Dark Knight stands alone as best superhero movie, it’s hard to entertain the newest Thor into that discussion. However, it might fit in with that next tier of Superhero movies (Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: Winter Solider, Wonder Woman, Avengers). We all knew it was getting reviewed well, but damn! Wasn’t expecting that!

Winter Soldier is still my favorite MCU movie, but this one is not far off. Great characters, humor, FIGHTING. It’s all there. And as fun as it is, trust me it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

MUST SEE MOVIE. Even if you’re not big into superhero movies, you will enjoy this.

Now again, I’m not giving the conventional review, just a reminder since we’re just starting out. You will not get a general review here. You can find that anywhere. These are little things that stuck out to me in the course of the movie…


  1. The first fight scene and the final scene WERE INSANE. Don’t get me wrong, the other ones around good, but those are almost gonna a completely different playing field from all the others. Some of the best action sequences we’ve seen in the MCU.


  1. Cate Blanchett – She’s an awesome actress, always very intimidating in her roles. She was certifiably psychotic as Hela, one of the better villains in a series of movies that’s often criticized for having weak villains. Now I don’t know if Hela and Thor are related in the books, but if that’s not the case, it was a great executive decision to change that.

Also, not that she’s unattractive, but I don’t think most people would clarify Blanchett as a knockout or anything. Call me crazy, but this might be the best she’s ever looked in her life. WITHOUT the crown, that thing was a bit much.

Even right as they were about to start that last fight scene, she looked like a totally different woman. Black is definitely a good look for her, even with all that makeup.


  1. Contest of champions – For those who play the game you get it and appreciate the touch. If you don’t play it, “Contest of Champions” is the name of Marvel’s most popular mobile game. Obviously there are some differences, but that doesn’t mean down the line we won’t see a greater version similar to the video game.


  1. Thor’s (missing) eye makeup – This might be me overanalyzing the situation, but it really looked like Thor’s eye was still there when it was initially cut out. When you watch the movie again, pay heavy attention to his eye at first. There were certain settings which the lighting helped hide what appears to be a half-assed makeup job.

But, as the big battle draws to an end, the makeup quality improves. Had to with the lighting being different. But take a peak. I will when I watch it again to make sure I’m not losing my mind.


  1. Korg – Everyone’s already falling in love with him over social media. I know he was in the Planet Hulk storyline and the movie paid significant homage to that. Funny character in a frigin funny movie. Have to figure he’ll show up in Infinity Wars.

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