Dark Trinity: LOTR show on Amazon

I may have been introduced to Star Wars or the X-Men TV show first, but it’s undeniable that Lord of the Rings was my first love in the nerd world. Always loved medieval times, which is why I started Game of Thrones when it first came out.

ANYWAYS, LOTR is the ONLY non-graphic novels I’ve ever read twice. Of course great movies with some spectacular acting. Astonishing action for it’s time, as well, can only imagine what that’d look like today.

Well, from what Variety’s reporting, you may not have to imagine it anymore. Apparently Amazon is in the works with those in charge of the J. R. R. Tolkien estate to develop a show based around the BEST NOVELS EVER. The objective is pretty damn clear: do exactly what GOT did,

While LOTR may not have as much detail in it at GOT, it’s still got A LOT of juice in it, definitely room for at least 5 season, if you just stick to script. Not sure what more I’d like to see specifically out of it, but I do like the idea.


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