Dark Trinity: TWD Ep. 2 & POWER RANKINGS

(I plan on doing this for all TWD episodes going forward.)

Let’s get one thing straight with these episode and movie reviews. You can go to a bunch of different sites and media publications to get a synopsis on “why it’s worth your time” or “why this happened”. I’m not here to necessarily give you answer. Not even entirely here to concoct my own conspiracy theories – though I will, and will warn you because I know some people THINK they can be spoilers at times (and to that I say you’re an idiot, but I respect the weirdness).

So I’m not going to waste your oh so precious time, or mine. Instead, I’ll be writing about the same things people talk about after the episodes. Not just the big things either. Stupid ass details you might have missed, but are well worth your time. I will also have TWD POWER RANKGINGS weekly, with explanations of characters moving in, out and throughout the top 5 (including a last 3 out, in no particular order).

What I’m going to talk about will often include spoilers otherwise it’s just a bunch of vague BS. So you’ve been warned…

First thing that HAS to get aired out: when Morgan got up after playing dead, we saw the guy who’d been shot right next to him. Guy was clearly dead and HAD NOT turned yet. And there was NO DOUBT he was dead at that point. He was not near death, he was dead…as a doornail.

What am I getting at? Well let me ask you this: Did you see him blink? Because I sure as hell did! How does something like that happen and not get caught during the production of the show? Or how do they not change camera angles in post-production? I get the guy screwed up (in his one time on the show, because I’ve NEVER seen that dude before) but that flop is on the production team more than him.

You guys work for months, keep secrets like that more important than your actual acting (by the ay, teach whatever techniques you use to Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland), but when it comes to that detail, something that seems so easy to cover for, you don’t catch it? That’s bad. Seriously. I don’t know how many people caught it (power outages didn’t allow me to watch it when it aired, thus the day-late post on this), and I’m sure some thought he wasn’t dead yet, but if you have pride in your work, you don’t let that happen.

Speaking of pride, what is going on with Jesus? I get he’s not a killer, but these people need to be dealt with. No prisoners. (Unless they’re kids, which should go without saying.) But he won’t even kill a guy who nearly killed him and Tara. Why’d you have a gun in the first place then? Don’t tell me necessity, because when he almost KILLED the two of you and you broke free, you had a chance to end him. Clearly ready to blow you a way in an instant, want to let him live so he could POTENTIALLY try it again?

He’s trying to be like Batman in a time where even Batman would know better than to take that kind of a risk. Seriously, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I feel like Batman’s first order of business would be to shoot the Joker. No system can contain, punish or help him, so no reason to let him live anymore.

ANYWAYS, back to TWD.

HOW ABOUT THE RETURN OF MORALES?!?! Great move, honestly thought he and his family were dead. And there didn’t seem to be a reason to re-introduce the character either. Still isn’t a big reason now either, but I LOVE the move.

Last thing for this week before the rankings. Why expose Rick to a baby? I get why, but WHY? Who thought it was a good idea? I get most of these people have been forced into this lifestyle, but they’d kill Rick and not worry about Carl or Judith. It’s what they have to do.

I get he’s the lead guy, beacon of hope, most complex character blah, blah, BLAH. You can let him be a bad ass it’s OK. I really don’t think he’s capable of monster mode anymore. Absolute nonsense.



(To be clear, this is more of a scale of Bad-assery than anything else.)

Last 3 out

Morales – on the sheer fact that I thought he’d be dead by now. Willing to be his family didn’t make it though.

Tara – I stand by her point to Jesus, but she’s so damn annoying.

Jerry – King Ezekiel’s right-hand man, in case you forgot. He fights with a Battle-axe. What more do you need?


5. Daryl – Because he’s frigin Daryl. Plus, no one’s done enough to earn this spot.

4. Neegan – Because we continue to witness how well organized his operation is. For one man to strike that much fear in people is insane.

3. Shiva – First off, we’re talking about a TIGER here. Second, she DESTROYED that one dude. It may have been a bit too late, but style points make up for tardiness..

2. Morgan – Anytime you say “I don’t die” and actually live through that episode/movie, you’re OK in my book. Plus, he went James Bond on that outpost after playing dead.

1. King Ezekiel – Dude’s speeches are a combination of Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans and Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, right before the battle at the Black Gate. Absolute legend. I know Zeke’s acting, but this character’s ability to keep other’s spirits up makes me want to fight for him, too.

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