Dark Trinity: Deathstroke movie

Originally, I intended on writing about the second episode of the new season of The Walking Dead, but the power went out when I got home from the Patriots game. Not sure I’ll get it back by tomorrow morning either.

Either way, just said how I plan to write a post for every morning so it’d be pretty bad if I didn’t deliver right after the first post.

Most of you probably read or heard the rumor about a Deathstroke movie with Joe Manganiello playing Slade Wilson. Feels like the dude is ALWAYS jacked, so it was only a matter of time before he got a legitimate role in a superhero movie. Remember when he was Flash Thompson in the Toby Maguire version of Spiderman?

Definitely got the voice to play and the build, they just gotta find a way to make the haircut not look TOO forced. Pulling off the look shouldn’t be a problem for Manganiello.

In fact, I don’t think acting will be a problem with him either. We’ve primarily seen him in supported roles, but one where I saw a lot of him was in True Blood where he played the werewolf Alcide. I’d say he was a “composed bad ass” in that spot, definitely one of the less peculiar characters in a show I somehow completed. (Shut-up. College was weird for everyone.)

My concern is how they write the character to start. First off, get it right with his origin. Don’t butcher it like they did in Arrow. I don’t mind the interpretation of Oliver Queen, they definitely did some great things, but their Slade Wilson, both in origin and interpretation, does not live up to the hype. Deathstroke in the comics was and is a hired gun, not someone who goes off the rails like we saw in the show. I digress.

Give it a good origin. Maybe some military flashbacks included. Start in the now, flash forward to the future, back to the present, then periodically flash back and forward between past and present. (That’s not verbatim from Steve Coogan in The Other Guys, but I bet you can’t remember it fully either.)

You can include a hero, that’s fine, but I’d be just as happy without one. Don’t bring in the Suicide Squad though. Just don’t. We were all disappointed by that helter skelter catastrophe, we don’t need Deathstroke getting caught up in the same mess. I don’t need Deadshot or Harley Quinn. He’s better than them.

Plus, he’s not anti-hero’s like them. Sure he protects his family, but outside of that, he’s a bad dude — and that’s the guy we all want. A killing machine who wouldn’t be mad if you tried to kill him, because he knows it’s just business. Good luck trying to kill his ass though. Healing factor and he’s just a damn beast, too.

This one’s on the writers. You’ve got an easy character to use with plenty of great storylines to utilize, plus Manganiello’s a beast. So there’s really no excuse.

No pressure though.

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