Dark Trinity: Introduction

It’s pretty evident we’ve reached the point where anyone who’s put themselves in the public eye — whether that be actors, athletes, media members and whoever else you can think of — is incapable of sticking to the one thing they’re hired to do.

Athletes talk about social issues. Sportswriters talk about politics. Politicians talk about sports! Honestly, that annoyed me at first, but is it really that big a deal? Sure some opinions are a little…well…far-fetched would be a nice way to put it. But as long as they can handle the backlash that comes with giving you’re opinion, then they’re fine by me. Still might think you’re a bit out there, but you’ll have my respect, which probably isn’t worth much.

ANYWAYS, the point of this rambling is those of you who’ve known me for a while have known I’m a sports guy. Whether that’s radio, writing or TV, and nothing will change that. However, this is my way of telling you I’ll be branching out to discuss something else beside sports.

And it’s not politics, although I’m not opposed to mixing that in on the radio — kind of can’t be at this point.

If, however, you have listened to my morning show on WSAR, or when we used to be on Sunday night’s especially, I have a passion for nerd culture. Particularly regarding comic book character. More specifically Marvel and DC.

That’s what this blog will be about. Other entertainment topics will come up, like Star Wars, The Walking Dead or Netflix shows (and I will always warn you about spoilers), but the central focus here will be Marvel and DC.

So the first item I’ll address: Why the hell am I doing this?

Trust me, this will not take long. Lord knows everyone’s heard 15 BS stories why “I’ve ALWAYS likes this hero,” or why “Marvel is better than DC” and vice versa.

I didn’t read comics much as a kid. Just didn’t appreciate the stories or art like I do now. To be honest, I’m sure the comics I got as a kid weren’t helpful either.

I fell in love with hero culture watching the X-Men, Spiderman and Batman shows as a kid in the 90’s. Gambit and Wolverine were my guys and I of course appreciated Batman, but appreciated Nightwing more, who Dick Grayson eventually became in the second Batman cartoon series in that era.

But the X-Men were always my go-to. That cartoon series was perfect for me at that age and not too long after that ended, the X-Men movies with Hugh Jackman came out. Now those weren’t exactly a work of art — and NEVER included Gambit — but they were the start of quality Marvel and DC films.

Yes, I know most credit the amazing 2008 with both The Dark Knight and Iron Man as the start, even though X2Batman Begins and Spiderman (1+2) deserve credit. But if not for that first movie in 2000, I firmly believe I’m not writing this today. (If you want to make the case for Blade in 1998 that’s alright, but a stretch in my book, given lot of people who aren’t deep into Marvel don’t realize blade isn’t just your average vampire. Plus, the first X-Men movie was just on a completely different playing field.)

ANYWAYS, Christian Bale as Batman was amazing and the MCU continued to bring me more towards the Marvel side, while Fox left me wanting A LOT more from my favorite superhero group.

With all the quality Marvel was putting out, it drew me in. Then there were the games, too, introducing some characters I wasn’t fully familiar with, like Moon Knight. And it’s probably because of him more than anyone why I got into the books. Though he had a bad ass look, heard he had was juggling multiple personalities, seemed like my kind of guy.

Once I started reading some of Marc Spector (Moon Knight’s real name, if you don’t know) two years ago, along came reunion parties with my guys Gambit and Daredevil, who I first learned about in the Spiderman TV series.

I’ve missed out on a lot over the years, limiting myself to just movies and TV and have allotted probably too much time catching up.

After a while, I delved into Arrow and some of Flash as well, both good shows (though Arrow has had some serious lulls). But DC was never my thing. That is until I heard about Red Hood, A.K.A the worst Robin EVER (though Damian kinda sucks, too). But Red Hood has become my guy. Again, I’ve had to catch up quite a bit, but I cannot get enough Jason Todd. That helped bring back to Nightwing and somewhere along the way Deathstroke came into my life.

While I still think the MCU is superior to the DCEU overall, I have to give the edge in the book department to DC Comics, ESPECIALLY with the Rebirth campaign. So while I’ve always been a “Marvel over DC” person, I can’t say that’s the case anymore. And to be honest, the books have so much more substance than the shows and movies, so I value that a bit more.

My Top-5 characters (in order) are Red Hood, Gambit, Deathstroke, Nightwing and Moon Knight. (But I LOVE Deadpool, Daredevil, Magneto, Winter Soldier and SO many others.) I know people had issue with the New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I loved that series. It’s really shaped my comic book fandom.

Last note about me, you’ll find the characters I’m really into aren’t the poster-boys and girls of Marvel and DC. Don’t quite know why, that’s just my style. They’ll still get brought up on here, they’re in the mainstream so much, it’s impossible to ignore them.

Now that you’ve read enough about my background that you’d want to throw up, here’s what you’ll get on this blog:

–Reaction nerd news

–Commentary and “analysis” of recent shows/movies or upcoming episodes

–Discussion on the series I’m reading, which currently consists: Red Hood and the Outlaws (up to date), Deathstroke and Nightwing in the Rebirth (and I’m going to start Green Arrow shortly); Astonishing X-Men (up to date), Spirits of Vengeance (up to date), Moon Knight.

–Random thoughts (i.e. old art v. new, writers, power rankings)

There will be other ideas that come up. One thing that won’t is slideshows, NOBODY has patience for that. The hope is to write a post everyday, written late night, ready for the morning.

The blog is for your entertainment and my sanity, not money or anything else. If you want me to talk about something or are curious about a series, let me know. Although I don’t tweet much about this stuff you can always DM me there (@Nick_Friar), even if you don’t follow me.

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